Ben Lally • Guitar & Vocals // Adam Copelin • Bass // Jason Walker • Drums

Seth Thomas • Guitar & Vocals // Trent Russelburg • KeyS & GUITAR

Two and a half years after their debut neo-garage-psych rock EP Unconscious Afternoon, New Bravado is all set to expose what they’ve been hiding underneath their overcoat to everyone. Expanding on their big rhythm, fuzzed/delayed guitar, verbed vocal sound, New Bravado's follow up LP Sun and Moon answers the question, “Where are they going?” Par for the course, Lally’s lyrics teeter on the border of personal, universal, flirtatious, and crass - this time fueled and lubed by what clinicians might call relapse, marriage, and fatherhood. Exhibiting all the rock and roll with even more of the sex and drugs, the Sun and Moon LP is an expansion and maturation of their debut offering.

Sun and Moon is a full-blown, dripping, fuzzed portrait of modern love in a world where the concept of family is but a vague downtrodden piece of anti-nostalgia. Sun and Moon is an intoxicating cathartic scream of human struggle to hold together relationships, life and growing up juggling archaic archetypes and outdated values in a new homogenized cultureless society. On drugs. The songs on this album bridge a throwback psychedelic gap between romantic ideals and reality playing one into the next from start to finish like the classic LP’s of yore


"...these guys manage to avoid sounding like the growing masses of 60's/70's garage/fuzz clones. I don't mean to gush, but this shit is awesome! I've heard bands in Louisville attempt this sorta thing, but no one has nailed it quite like New Bravado has, especially with their latest offering." -Phillip Olympia, Never Nervous (July 31, 2014)

"This band became one of my favorites in Louisville with the release of their debut full-length Unconscious Afternoon in 2013. The new "Sol Similar" cassingle shows the band has only upped its style and presence." -Brian Manley, American Gloam (April 17, 2014)

"The fellas in sludgey psych-rock band New Bravado obviously love Black Sabbath, but it's what is underneath that initial layer that sets them apart from other 60's/70's garage/fuzz clones. Whether it be intentional or not, I'm feeling a consistent vibe from late 80's/early 90's grunge bands from Seattle like Screaming Trees and Soundgarden. And considering those are two bands I grew up being infatuated with, I consider that to be a good thing." -Phillip Olympia, Never Nervous (April 16, 2014)

"A four-piece band that carries themselves as if there were double that many musicians in the band.  They do such a great job at filling out a huge wall of great sound." -Re-Earth Records & Promoting (Nov 26, 2013)

" honestly isn't all that far removed from straight-ahead 1960s garage rock. There's a little blues in there. There's a little pop in there. There's heavy rock and more, which really is just further testament that Lally isn't really writing to fill a certain sound – he's just letting the songs be what they naturally want to be." -Kevin Gibson, Louisville Music News (Sep 1, 2013)

"Having previously led The Sexual Disaster Quartet, Lally, who also continues leading the band Benanthrope, has displayed a desire to try different styles and avoid complacency." -Peter Berkowitz, Leo Weekly (Aug 7, 2013) 

"Unconscious Afternoon, New Bravado's debut EP, eats the living flesh and spirit that is Hawkwind, Sabbath, Blue Mountain Eagle, and the 60s/70s fuzz-psych galley." -Brian Manley, American Gloam (May 8, 2013)